How to Make Bulk Email Marketing Work Quickly

You can also import complete Excel CSV files that you have scraped using the CBT Web Scraperand Email Extractor and then add macros to your message. This feature will make yourmessage look more personalised. For example, if I enter Hello %companyname%, then the textwould look like this “Hello Nataly’s Boutique”.Complete Anonymity with ProxiesCBT Mass Email Sender supports proxies. It is advisable to use SOCKS and SOCKS proxies foremail sending. Proxies will hide the identity of your local IP address. Having a good number ofproxies will help you to achieve a better inbox rate and reduce risk of blacklisting.

Proxies arerecommended if you plan to run the CBT Mass Email Sender on multiple threads.Auto Resume Email SendingIn case of a crash or simply if you want to power off your computer for the night, you can alwaysresume from where the CBT Bulk Email Sender left off the next time you start the software.Save your ProjectYou can save your project and run it at any time. This will save you from having to reenter thesame details again.Send Emails via WebmailMany email providers are already making it very difficult to send out emails via SMTP in theirefforts to fight spam.

The software is able to send emails via webmail by emulating real humanbehaviour. The software is able to login and send emails just as you would by logging into youremail account and sending out emails via webmail.. The software is also able to solve many typesof captcha like google recaptcha and and funcaptcha with the help of external captcha solvingservices.Auto Removes Unsubscribers from your Mailing List inReal TimeThe mass email sender is able to automatically remove all unsubscribers from your mailing list toavoid spam and legal implications.

The software generates a link for unsubscribing. The recipientof an email has to click on the link which sends an instruction to unsubscribe to our designatedinbox which is monitored in real time. Mass Email Sender for Bulk Email Blasts will then add the unsubscriber’s email list to theblacklist which will remove them from all future correspondence. CBT Mass Email Sender Software for Bulk Email Blasts is a cutting edge desktop software that will enable you to send thousands of emails from your desktop using multiple SMTP accounts. CBT Bulk Email Sender runs effortlessly on multiple threads and achieves a high inbox rate.

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