Fertility Clinics Assist Infertile Couples in Achieving Their Goals

Children are a cause of joy for most couples. Children can show that a loving, intimate bond exists between a man and a woman. It’s nice for the expectant father and mother to imagine their baby with Mom’s eyes and Dad’s smile. On the flip side, the inability to naturally conceive a child can be heartbreaking for most couples. Ten to fifteen percent of United States couples cannot naturally conceive a child. Doctors diagnose infertility if the woman cannot get pregnant even though the couple has unprotected intercourse frequently for at least a year. Either the husband or the wife may be infertile or both. Some cases of infertility remain unexplained.

A common cause of male infertility is low sperm count. The lower the sperm count, the less likely a sperm cell can fertilize the egg in the uterus. Other causes are disorders, lifestyle, and age. Circumstances such as hormone dysfunction, infection and injury to the reproductive system, and retrograde ejaculation also cause infertility. In some cases, infertility is congenital. infertility clinics in abu dhabi Even if the male is fertile, the couple cannot conceive a child if the female has disorders of the reproductive system. Normally, the egg cell produced by a woman’s ovaries travels through the fallopian tube to the uterus and waits for the one sperm cell that will fertilize it.

Ovarian cysts, uterine cysts, and fallopian tube disease are some conditions that can prevent this natural process from occurring properly. The woman can also blame medications, cancer, and certain medical conditions unrelated to the reproductive system for her inability to conceive. If infertility is suspected, the couple can visit fertility clinics for diagnosis and treatment. Their reproductive-fertility history will be reviewed. For men, standard diagnostic procedures include collection of ivf abu dhabi semen samples. Women, on the other hand, undergo procedures like laparoscopy (where the abdomen is surgically opened to examine the woman’s reproductive system) and ovulation analysis. Both should be emotionally prepared to undergo these procedures. As for treatment, this includes surgery, artificial insemination, and the use of donated egg or sperm.

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